“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dave Lemmon and Hilltop Tutoring in general. Dave worked with my daughter to improve her reading comprehension & grammar scores for the ACT. She improved dramatically. Her ACT composite score went up from a 31 to a 35! We owe it all to Dave! Without his incredible guidance and support, my daughter would never have achieved this success. Dave was also an incredible help with the college application process. He helped my daughter create the best essay possible for her common application. Dave wrote us summary notes and suggestions after every session. His follow through and dedication were truly exceptional. The team at Hilltop is amazing and we owe all of our daughter’s success to Dave Lemmon and the entire Hilltop Tutoring team. Thank you! “ - Sandy G

Great tutors who really helped my son with Calculus. Very professionally run organization. I am very impressed with everything about this company. - Amy

“I continue to send my kids to Hilltop Tutoring Center because of the exciting environment they have managed to create. It isn't so often you find a group of people who can make your kids want to learn and improve their grades. The tutors will enrich your child's entire educational experience, from basic math courses early on to SAT prep and college essay workshops. Hilltop Tutoring Center has given my children the undivided attention, one-on-one interaction, and incredible motivation that you can only hope to find in a learning institution." - Pamela L.

"Hilltop Tutoring Center is the quintessential tutoring institution to help your child excel in the college admission process. I can attest to the phenomenal SAT/ACT prep myself because my score rose substantially after attending their prep course. Dave Lemmon is, also, a fantastic guy to work with on a college essay. He will help your child to write their best essay possible because of his excellent brainstorming and editing techniques." - Pat B. 


Hilltop Tutoring Center provided ACT prep and college essay tutoring for my daughter and I can't say enough about all of the individuals that she worked with.  Beyond the typical proficiency regarding the material and techniques, the tutors at HTC really connected with my daughter and supported her well beyond the narrow issues for which they were hired.   Dave Lemmon was terrific on the ACT verbal aspects and the essay.  Francesca was amazing, not only for the ACT but also general math help.  Beyond the simple mechanics of tutoring, Francesca helped my daughter develop confidence in an area where it was lacking (math.)  Perhaps working with a female who was very bright, yet likable and easy to identify with was a factor - but there is no question that Francesca was a great fit.  Getting to know the people at HTC was a big part of my daughter's HS development and maturing process, and the contributed significantly to her success.  - Tracy F


I was tutored this summer by Brian Miller and Francesca Pizzigoni for a college Calculus course, and I could not have done it without them. Brian and Francesca were both great teachers outside of a regular classroom setting, they were also always available for questions throughout the week. Each answered the numerous emails I sent their way with helpful advice and instruction on whatever homework or test prep I was doing. Everyone at Hilltop Tutoring was incredibly friendly and provided me with the best learning experience possible. - Anne S

Dave Lemmon was instrumental in helping my son, Zach, narrow down his essay that initially included two topics.  Dave kept Zach focused on the key points that needed to be included in his essay.  Dave's guidance, professionalism, experiences and recommendations all played a role in helping Zach "shape" his essay but Dave never wrote the essay.  The essay was Zach's own "style" which is what colleges want to read.  
Zach was applying to colleges for the PharmD program and was competing for very limited seats.  His essay needed to be exceptional.  Once Zach had an almost completed final draft version of his essay, he asked his English teacher and two other teachers at our high schools career center to give their opinion.  Two of the three teachers only focused on the grammar, which they had no comments since the grammar was correct.  Instead, they thought the essay was a bit confusing since it didn't follow their "standard" basic structure with a traditional introduction, examples in the middle and "standard" conclusion.  The "standard" type of essay is exactly what colleges DO NOT want to read.  Zach's essay, in my own professional opinion, was amazing.  
Zach had a consistent 3.2 - 3.3 GPA during his four years in high school, he is well-rounded in his community involvement (does charity work mostly through our church but didn't give thousands of hours of time), played bassoon for the high school band for four years, played club soccer and has his "F" soccer license which qualifies him to teach youth soccer. During the summer of his junior year and throughout his senior year in high school he worked at a local pharmacy so his essay topic focused on his initial experiences at this job.  Zach applied to 8 colleges who offered a PharmD program and was accepted to 6 of them.  It is our opinion that his essay played a role in the final decision process at these colleges when they were comparing Zach against applicants with 3.8 or higher GPAs who had similar other experiences.
Dave was recommended to us by one of our friends through a referral they received.  I would highly recommend Dave.  Dave's response time is immediate, his schedule is flexible, his fees are reasonable and he personally works with the students. -
Debbie S


Both of my sons went to Hilltop Tutoring for SAT prep and college essay writing.  Strangely enough, they never complained saying they didn't want to go, even after long days at school and sometimes sports practice too.  Both boys did exceptionally well on their SAT's and both submitted killer essays as part of their college applications.  The team there really knows what they are doing and I highly recommend them! Best part is, both of my sons got into their first choice colleges.  Hilltop Tutoring was worth every penny spent just seeing the faces when those "big envelopes" came in the mail! - Virginia M