Whether you are a middle school student studying the Civil War or a high school student preparing for the AP World History exam, Hilltop tutors have the content-area knowledge and the instructional skills to help you succeed.

Language Arts: 
Hilltop’s language arts tutors provide a wide-range of services including all levels of individualized writing and reading comprehension development, essay and research paper assistance, and vocabulary improvement. Our tutors have helped even the most reluctant writers find their voices and improve their writing abilities, all while enjoying the process.

From elementary math to multivariable calculus, computer science, and college statistics, Hilltop’s math tutors help students hone their abilities and overcome potential hurdles. No matter the level of difficulty, Hilltop’s math tutors can teach you how to solve your problem!

Hilltop’s science tutors can help students find success in any branch of science including chemistry, biology, and physics. Whether students are just learning the basics or mastering the material in preparation of an AP test, our science tutors can help them grasp even the most complex topics.

Foreign Languages: 
Rather than having students merely memorize lists of vocabulary, our foreign language tutor brings the language to life by engaging students in conversations and leading them through writing assignments designed to increase comprehension and fluency.  We currently offer tutoring in Spanish and French.

Study Skills:
Sometimes students’ difficulties stem from the way they approach the material rather than the material itself. Hilltop’s tutors help students overcome these difficulties by showing them how to develop strong study skills. By addressing organization, planning, and study techniques, Hilltop’s tutors can teach students how to prepare for tests and quizzes, complete daily homework assignments, and manage long-term assignments. 


One of the most crucial components of the college application process is the essay. In recent years, due to a dramatic increase in the number of applicants, colleges have been spending less and less time reviewing individual applications. As a result, the essay has become one of the only ways in which students can “pop” off the page and distinguish themselves from the pack.

Dave Lemmon has been assisting students with their college essays and supplements for over fourteen years. In that time, he has helped hundreds of students gain acceptance to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Stanford. More often than not, Dave’s students are accepted to their top choice schools, even when these schools may have been considered “reaches.” On several occasions, Dave’s students have received hand-written notes from college admissions officers, complimenting their essays. Dave’s inimitable approach to the college essay allows students to create unique pieces that truly represent their interests, experiences, and passions. Based on the acceptance rate of his students as well as the overwhelmingly positive feedback he receives, there is simply no one better at assisting students with their college essays than Dave Lemmon.

The college essay process is comprised of 4 sessions: brainstorming, planning/first draft, full edit, and final edit.  The summer before senior year is an ideal time for students to focus on creating a solid piece of writing before having to deal with homework, fall sports, and other aspects of the college application process.


What they need, when they need it!
At Hilltop, we have decades of combined experience helping students prepare for standardized tests. Our experience and curriculum give students the tools to improve their scores and master the techniques they need to reach their peak performance.
Hilltop provides individual and small-group test prep services for all high and middle school standardized tests.
Individualized Test Prep at Hilltop
Hilltop also provides individualized, one-on-one tutoring and preparation for standardized tests that can be tailored to the needs and schedule of your student! Individual preparation is available for the SAT (including the new SAT format), ACT, PSAT, SAT subject tests, AP testing, ISEE, SSAT, and GREs. 
Free Practice tests!
At Hilltop, we administer regular, free practice tests for the ACT and SAT, and can administer practice AP tests and private school entrance exams. Contact us today to reserve a spot and obtain more information! 
SAT/ACT Diagnostic Test
Unsure of which test is right for you? Hilltop Tutoring offers regular diagnostic testing to help you make this crucial decision. Before beginning test prep, why not take a free diagnostic test that will help determine if you are better suited to one test or the other?


"Dave helped my children come up with topics that were unique and personal, and he was there to support the writing process every step of the way. He turned a challenging step in the college application process into a smooth, and even enjoyable exercise." - Julie K.

"Hilltop Tutoring Center is the quintessential tutoring institution to help your child excel in the college admission process. I can attest to the phenomenal SAT/ACT prep myself because my score rose substantially after attending their prep course. Dave Lemmon is, also, a fantastic guy to work with on a college essay. He will help your child to write their best essay possible because of his excellent brainstorming and editing techniques." - Pat B.

"The college essay was causing a lot of stress in our family during an overwhelming period in our lives.....senior year! Dave came to the rescue and took the anxiety away by making this very important task an enjoyable and fun one for my son. We were delighted with the end result which totally captured the essence of everything my son wanted to say, but was having a difficult time on his own putting his thoughts down on paper. Kudos to Dave for a job well done!" - Cathy J. 

"I continue to send my kids to Hilltop Tutoring Center because of the exciting environment they have managed to create. It isn't so often you find a group of people who can make your kids want to learn and improve their grades. The tutors will enrich your child's entire educational experience, from basic math courses early on to SAT prep and college essay workshops. Hilltop Tutoring Center has given my children the undivided attention, one-on-one interaction, and incredible motivation that you can only hope to find in a learning institution." - Pamela L.

"Working with Dave made the whole college essay experience so much easier and productive. I really enjoyed the one-on-one sessions and individualized attention. My essay came out great and I do not think I could have put together an end product like this without his help and guidance. Dave kept me focused and really helped get my thoughts together in a clear and concise manner that has caught the attention of many people!" - Sean J.

"Dave's college essay program was exceedingly helpful. He took a simple idea of mine and helped me expand it into an exceptional essay. I felt completely confident in my essay by the time we finished and, honestly, I had fun writing it." - Grant L.